Monday, March 21, 2016


Exam season is now in full swing in the ICT department. Today, our AS students completed the practical element of the AS Applied ICT course. This is weighted at 60% of their AS qualification and it's only March!

They've had to demonstrate their understanding of Database Management Systems, analyse complex data and then model it using a spreadsheet package. They've also had to apply their theoretical understanding in a practical setting. They've covered a lot of content in only 7 months - well done Y12!

I remember telling them only a few months ago they had lots of time and before we knew it the exam date had arrived - that was quick! This kicks off a series of exams in the department. On Wednesday we have the A2 practical exam which will be taken by our year 13 students. This exam will be followed by the IGCSE practical exams on the 26th and 28th April, to be taken by our Year 11 students. Again, this will be worth 60% of their qualification completed  before the official exam period begins.

So what can Year 11 do to prepare?

  • Give yourself enough time to study. There is no point in waiting 24 hours before the exam to begin revising. Start now!
  • Flashcards - little cards with questions/answers and topics are useful for some students
  • Eat healthily and drink plenty of fluids
  • Revisit past papers
  • Study with friends
  • Access useful ICT resources such as Teach-ICT, ICT Lounge and IGCSE
  • Take regular breaks - this is much better than doing twenty minutes and then watching YouTube videos all evening - you know who you are :)  
  • Use the BIS ICT and Computing website - it's excellent, we promise (link here)
And to top all of this, we also have the BIS Hanoi internal examinations in term 3. 

Fun, fun, fun...

Mr. Toner

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