Thursday, March 3, 2016

It has been a busy couple of weeks for students in the upper school.  After the mock exams in January, year 11 and years 12 and 13 are preparing for their real practical exams which happen in just a few weeks.

For year 12 their first exam is on March 21st and for year 13 their exam is on March 23rd.  On both of these days, the exams will take place in the morning.  

ICT practical exams demonstrate a student's problem solving ability and their technical knowledge. Although not allowed to talk in the exam, a student can use the help functions on the various programs that they are using.  So they are never just left by themselves.  

A practical exam uses the same techniques as a written exam.
Stay calm
Remember to breathe
If you make a mistake - don't panic.  You can always undo or delete and start again.
READ the question
Answer the actual question not the question that you would like to answer.

And finally - remember to revise and the impossible becomes possible when it's done.